May 2, 2008

Peer Pressure-IFS Girls Halaqah #1

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So anyone who actually looks at this blog, I plan on putting up notes or anything I find interesting here for others to see. I have just recently attended a halaqah at IFS for girls and I figured I can put up the notes here for other people to benefit from. Still new to this blogging stuff, so give me a break-

*Before the halaqah*

We were asked what we carry in our wallets/purses. The things we carry constantly are a reflection of what we value and who we are (to some degree). So different people pulled out different things: a bunch of movie tickets, borders card, receipts, and for me, my college ID. If any one found another person’s wallet/purse, we would see that person values movies, shopping for books, keep records of what he/she bought, and for me, that I am in college. =) One girl had a mini notebook in her bag and an ipod with the Quran and hadith on it. Masha ‘Allah, that shows what she values.

Well, to cut it short, the basic point is this:

We are so busy that we don’t have time to reflect on the valuable things in our life. And the most valuable thing in our life (or being) should be Allah swt.

(So consider carrying a mini salawat book or an ipod with Quran and hadith on it to listen to when you have free time. I normally have a slip of paper with few duaas of protection folded in my wallet to say whenever I forget to.)

Okay, now on to the halaqah:

Sister Amina a.k.a Amina baji, didn’t have a specific topic to speak about, so she gave general advice, more channeled towards dealing with peer pressure. It was the first halaqa, so we gave some ideas to her and insha ‘Allah the net coming halaqas will be more focused and beneficial for all of us. Ameen!

So I am going to list this in bullet points, rather than a formal outline:

-She used to work at IFS in1995 and she stuck it out the whole year-wow. (Proved she wasn’t a quitter-really big quality to have.)

—She then traveled to Syria and wrote a letter to IFS that she may not return. In the duration of her stay, she came across a teacher that she immediately caught a spiritual connection with and kept in contact with to this day.

—Working at IFS taught her who she really is, the job humbled herself, and she learned the value of doing good and *being* good. It crushed her nafs and ego.

—There is the idea that Allah swt put that *obstacle* (IFS) to prepare her for something better (Syria).

—Allah swt will guide a person through a specific path to help him/her grow and help him/her become what he/she is meant to be, even if the person cannot understand what part of that path he/she is on right now.

—Who ever we meet, good or bad, there is a potential in each person to be a noble servant of Allah.

—To the above point, there are no barriers-race, culture, age, or time. Arabic, which it is so vast and deep within its own language, lacks a term for racism because such a concept doesn’t exist.

—People who truly follow the deen look at people for what is within them.

—And Allah swt looks at the heart of a person to see his/her character, not his/her outward appearance.

—Think how we can help each other, and by doing so, we also help ourselves.

—Be the best for Allah swt, where ever you are, and soon enough, you will find Allah.

—(smiling) Don’t worry what other’s think—->don’t do things for others. Do it for Allah. (Our actions are based on our intentions.)

—Do everything that you do for yourself and Allah so you can be the best you can be and help others be the best they can be. (Emphasis on doing things for the right reasons.)

—Do not give something so valuable as your heart to just anyone–Lauren: that is stupid. (Idea that we can meet and talk to everyone, but only befriend good people and give your *heart* out to them.)

So that concludes my lovely notes on the halaqah. I’ll try to write better notes in the future, I just didn’t know what to expect in this halaqah. Well, I hope you learned or were reminded of something important…. If you have any concerns, additions/edits to the notes, or anything, comment here or email me. If you would like Amina baji’s email, contact me personally and I will give it to you. =)



  1. dollet said,

    I realy love this. Keep up the good work inshalla.

  2. Arif Ansari said,

    Wow great job at these quotes. I’m realy impressed.ALLAH bless u nd all.

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