May 2, 2008

Islamic Mysticism and Poerty of Rumi- Fri. Jan. 11th Notes

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Sorry about putting this one off-I have been very distracted as of late….

Anyway, check it:

Da’wah–to call (a non Muslim to God)

Islam advocates an ideal society.

[The next part was a chart, but I am going to list it out because I don’t understand wordpress.]

Ideal society: (opposite of exploitation)

There are 4 elements:

  • Trade/travel
  • Shelter/sustenance
  • Security
  • Religion

So their proper fulfillment (meaning, ideally):

  • Trade/travel: access to income, fairness, etc.
  • Shelter/sustenance: access to shelter and healthy food, and health care
  • Security: having the sense of security and proper law/authority
  • Religion: access to practice it (i.e. buildings) and protection to practice it

Exploitation of those elements (meaning, not an ideal society):

  • Trade/travel: difficult/no access to income, exploiting needs, unfair trade
  • Shelter/sustenance: difficult or no access to home and/or HEALTHY food
  • Security: create or permeate a sense of fear
  • Religion: difficult to practice, or block it/forcefully impose another religion


  • They all had essentially the same message:
  • –no god, but God
  • –Day of Judgment
  • –Coming of a final prophet (Prophet Muhammad)
  • First prophet: Adam
  • –(there were others, but primary) then Noah (Nuh as)
  • –then Abraham (Ibrahim as) who had Ishmael (Ismail as) and Issac (Ishaq as)
  • –then Joseph (Yusuf as)
  • –then Moses (Musa as)
  • –then Jesus (Isa as)
  • –and then the final prophet, prophet Muhammad (saw)
  • —-Prophet Muhammad was sent for all of mankind
  • —-Prophet Muhammad was also supposed to establish a just and ideal society

Attributes of Prophets:

  • They go to their own people (i.e. Arabian prophet to the Arabs; Egyptian prophet to the Egyptians, etc. etc.)
  • They are sin free
  • They are intellectually brilliant (generally the smartest among their people)
  • They are not associated with a particular(wealth) class (i.e. they are all not rich or poor…etc. etc.)

Two primary teachings outside of the Quran:

  • Hadith (Prophet Muhammad’s sayings)
  • Seerat (Prophet Muhammad’s biography)
  • Both of the above are part of the sunnah (tradition)

Some of the notes of the 40 Hadith of Nawawi:

  • Actions are judged by intentions
  • Islam: your actions
  • –tongue (/=) heart : what you say you are and what you do are not equal if you simply believe in Islam. You might say you are devout, but you aren’t. * (/=) means not equal
  • Iman: just by your own being, you feel save-faith permeating you.
  • –tongue=heart: what you say is what is actually within you.
  • Ihsan: “perfection/beautification”-an active interaction between you and God (Sufism)
  • –tongue (/=) heart: because at this level there is an active interaction between you and God, your words become much heavier ( I think that is what the professor said. Some one in my class reading this, correct me if I am wrong.)

Islamic Law:

  • 5 pillars:
  • –Shahadah: Testimony/declaration of faith
  • —-no god, but God and Muhammad is His last messenger
  • –Salah: 5 daily prayers
  • –Zakat: once a year, formal charity
  • –Sawm: fasting one month a year
  • –Hajj: pilgrimage to Makkah at least once in your life

And I missed part of what the professor was talking about the different 10 days in Ramadan and what they do to the human being. I would put what I remember, but I think I might have forgotten some of it….

And Sarah wrote on the bottom of the page: WHAT THE HELL? so I had to include that in my Fri. Jan. 11th notes. HAHA.


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