May 2, 2008

Hijab-IFS Girls Halaqah #2

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I have gotten over a 100 views on my site today. =) That means there are people reading this.

I cannot mention a lot of this particular halaqah due to the wish of some, but I can mention some lessons and stuff I took from it. (I hope, if not, people part of this halaqah, email me ASAP.)

Our lives:

  • Life is like a flight (primordial state, dunyah, akhirah) and the dunyah (our current life we are living) is like a rest stop before getting on our next plane. The destination is the akhirah, While on our rest stop, we have choices to make in how we use our time. Those who get carried away or too obsessed with this life miss their plane or catch the *wrong* one. So life is just a pit stop.
  • From the above, that means that we shouldn’t get so caught up with worldly obsessions, or materialism. It is okay to take care of one’s necessities and have a few things, but when people get overly obsessed with materialism (i.e. media influences, personal looks, objects, television, etc. etc.) then we lose sight of the akhirah and to some degree, we hurt our spiritual selves.
  • We were created with a natural *attraction* to God. And this life is a test to see if we can take care of that natural attraction and sight of God. Life is about getting to the akhirah, but a HUGE part of life is to develop our relationship with God through tests, trials, and even through ease (which is a kind of test on its own).
  • We all have our individual paths to God, but life is about submission and giving ourselves away to God….

General things about the Hijab:

  • First and Foremost: We (women) wear it because Allah asked us to. That, in itself, is enough of a reason to wear the hijab. (Beautifully stated, no?)
  • It is not just a *scarf* wrapped around the head, but it is also one’s overall apparel, the way one conducts herself, and modesty. The *scarf* is only taken for face value-there is more than a yard of cloth… =)
  • One of the Hijab’s purpose (ironically in today’s society) is to NOT draw attention. But even though it does (in the contemporary age) one shouldn’t act in such a way while wearing hijab that it could draw attention. (Does that make sense?)
  • Hijab also has a function in society:
  • —>It helps women conduct transactions, etc. etc. in a respectful environment
  • —>It helps sort men in society-those that are pious, and those that… aren’t. (I mean, if a guy is going after a girl that is properly dressed, then it isn’t the girl’s fault anymore-then the guy has issues.)
  • And certain things are from Allah and He strengthens us through it. By whatever special means He does. =)

Some of the benefits of hijab (some of them I added from personal observation):

  • Helps against boys (i.e. boys stalking girls, girls liking a guy-but the guy probably won’t like her back b/c of the hijab, boys interacting with girls, boys thinking about girls, etc. etc.)
  • It emphasizes internal beauty and qualities over external ones.
  • It helps sort men from pious ones and immodest ones.
  • In an ISLAMIC or IDEAL society, it would actually grant more freedom and proper social treatment of women.
  • If all Muslims women followed Hijab correctly, then all women would be seen as equally beautiful.
  • It also helps a person’s outfit look better (if you get a matching hijab) =)
  • You don’t need to worry about constantly maintaining you hair (like, all pretty-of course it has to be combed and clean. Otherwise, that would go against Islamic cleanliness and would be simply gross)
  • You can pin it in different ways to suit your mood.
  • You can stick your cell phone in the scarf and have a conversation-excellent while driving. =)
  • Keeps your head warm (but not under 5 degrees)
  • You can use a flap to immediately cover your face from the wind or a nasty smell.
  • …and there are probably 101 other uses, but that was just a teaser. =)

Struggles with the hijab:

There are two main categories (probably more), but currently, most people fall under the second:

  1. For Muslims going to academic institutions where there are few Muslims, it is hard to find support. And it is easy to make enemies (especially post 9/11 ignorant people that have a severely messed up perception of Islam). So it gets hard to push oneself. And there can also be *secret* enemies that don’t bother a person for being a hijabi Muslim woman, but they may offer bad things or be bad influences (consciously aware that it is against Islam). So it is kind of like, man vs. society (general society). In that case, I will keep all of you in my duaas to maintain and increase your strength and keep your deen over weird people. Ameen.
  2. For Muslims going to academic institutions where there are A LOT of Muslims, it is also hard to find support. (Gasp) Instead of worrying about people from general society or non Muslims, a person may have to watch out for Muslims that don’t really mean well or what is best for them (hijabi women). Some friends might tell them that it is okay to show a little hair/neck or to wear makeup or fix their eyebrows, but in reality, that is a form of deception. By doing that, one is caving in not only to the haraam, but to everything that stands against God. And what is worse is if these are people who are friends or even family members/relatives telling a Muslim woman this. This is when support can no longer be found in those people, but in Allah. This is more deceiving than the first category because although the first deals with a lot of direct confrontations(which I am not demeaning people in the first category, they have great hardships too), this one is far much more subtle and a person can be confused whether a friend means well or not. I also keep these women in my duaas that they always have a clear sight on Islam and Allah swt grants them strength to follow the hijab and stand up not only to their enemies, but to their friends too. It is like a man vs. self (or friends) conflict.

So from the above two categories, few and critical solutions can be drawn:

  • Seek guidance and protection with Allah.
  • Find GOOD friends-the company with the righteous-people who can always tell you what is the right thing to do, be kind to you and help you improve yourself. Good company is what can make all the difference.
  • Seek knowledge from books and scholars about things you may have doubts about. (i.e. if someone tells a woman it is okay to shape her eyebrows and she isn’t sure, she should get it checked before running off and shaping them. Which, by the way, is not allowed in Islam, save the area between the two eyebrows.)

Other random stuff some people and I took from ithe halaqah:

  • There is the idea that there is something higher to achieve than heaven. To wear hijab is to please ALLAH (swt).
  • When a woman is deceased, the last thing thing (? Not sure if it is the last) that is covered is her hair before she is buried-and it is like no one is going to see her and she is already dead, so that means that Allah places the hijab in high regard. It isn’t a veil, it is more like an opening to God.
  • ***(I am not sure if it is authentic)*** Prophet Muhammad (saw) once was receiving a wahi and either Fatima (ra) or Aisha (ra) was there and the wahi stopped coming because a few strands of hair was sticking out of her hijab and when she realized it, she covered her hair completely and the revelation was revealed. (THAT MEANS A LOT OF GOD’S WORDS WERE PUT ON HOLD FOR SOMEONE TO COVER HER HAIR-there is a heavy spiritual importance)
  • A hijab is a symbol of a mini seclusion for a woman’s mind. To have the hijab reminds a woman of Allah and having it keeps Allah in her mind and her thoughts still fixed on Allah, even when she is in public. So there is a lot of spiritual barakah in hijab.
  • Hijab helps a woman’s taqwa, iman, and pretty much everything for her.

There is probably so much more to say and so much that I left unsaid, but I guess I better put that in another post exclusively for the hijab. But a lot of other stuff were in the halaqahs, but I think this is what I (and maybe others) got out of it.

Normally hijab lectures/halaqahs/seminars put me to sleep, but I guess there was a huge emphasis about how the hijab affects one’s personal relationship with Allah vs. it being about society. (It had that too, but the central point was about us, personally and our relationship with Allah.)

…Still thinking…. =)


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