May 2, 2008


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Assalamu Alaikum,

I figured if I have Islamic quotes, literature quotes, then it would be wrong if I didn’t touch on hadith and Quran (Quran will be a separate post, insha ‘Allah) I hope all the hadiths I am putting/will be putting are all sahih and correct. May God forgive me if I accidentally misquote one or screw up somewhere in sharing it with others. Remember, some hadiths might be self explanatory, but there are some that must be seen in the context which it was narrated.

Oh Allah, You perfectly created me, so perfect my character. -[Ahmad]

Men are asleep, and when they die, they wake up. -[Muslim?] (I LOVE IT!)

Prophet Muhammad: When you pass by the meadows of Paradise indulge freely in it.

Companions: Oh Messenger of Allah, what are the meadows of Paradise?

Prophet Muhammad: The circles of Knowledge. -[Hadith?]

The intelligent man is he who contemplates his self and acts for what is after death; and he is the weak man who makes his soul follow his lust. -[Shaddad]

The best form of Jihad is a man who fights against himself and his desire. -[Abu Dharr]

Sincerity is to purify the action from seeking the attention of the people. -[Abdullah ibn Mas ‘ud]

There is no gift better or wider than patience.-[Abu Sa’id al-Khdri]

He who does not thank for the little, does not thank for the abundant, and he who does not thank people, does not thank Allah. Talking about Allah’s graces is an act of thanks. -[Al-Ibshihi]

None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself. -[Abu Hamza Anas ibn Malik]

Be in this world as if you were a stranger or traveller along a path. -[Umar]

Whenever a catastrophe happens to a Muslim, Allah will expiate his sins by it, even if a thorn pricks him. -[Aisha]

Duaa is the essence of worship. -[Tirmidhi]

Allah is angry with a person who never asks Him for anything. -[Tirmidhi]

Every act of goodness is charity. -[Bukhari]

Oh Allah, forgive my sins-great and small, first and last, open and secret. -[Muslim]

Seeking knowledge is a religious obligation for every Muslim. -[Ibn Majah]

Show mercy to the people on earth so that He who is in heaven will have mercy on you. -[Tirmidhi]

A man once asked: What is the best thing in Islam? And the prophet Muhammad (saw) replied:

To feed people, and greet both you know and those you don’t know (with salaam). -[Bukhari]

Purity is half of faith. -[Muslim]

Modesty is part of faith. -[Muslim]

Every religion has a distinctive characteristic, and the characteristic of Islam is modesty. -[Ibn Majah]

Wealth does not come from having great riches; (true) wealth is from the contentment of the soul. -[Bukhari]

Oh Allah, I seek refuge in you from knowledge that does not benefit, a heart that is not submissive, a soul that is dissatisfied, and a prayer that is not heard. -[Tirmidhi]

Oh Changer of hearts, make my heart firm in Your religion. -[Tirmidhi]

I am still going through my hadith books and random notes. I plan on updating this one more frequently than other posts because I only went through four books and one notebook. But I hope you liked them and insha ‘Allah gained some barakah from them. I don’t know, but sometimes some of the hadiths I read sound so… real…. I mean, I know they are real, but I can feel them resonating within me. Maybe it is just me, but I hope we all become better Muslims! And for non Muslims out there, I hoped you liked them anyway. They are good pieces of advice, no matter which background of faith you are from. =) Update soon!


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