May 2, 2008

*Changing Our Lives Plan*

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Not a very creative title, but it gets straight to the point, no?

After coming out of the IFS halaqah last night (I’ll put up the notes later), it got me thinking….

Anyway, Sarah and I came up with a plan to implement in our lives so we can try to get on the path of Tazkiyah. Of course, it will have to be update, but this it the start. Anyone reading this can join too!

***Bismillahir-Rahman ir-Rahim***

*Changing Our Lives Plan*

¥ Daily:

PRAY 5 DAILY PRAYERS(Fard and sunnah mu’akkada) ON TIME

After Fard of each prayer, say Ayatul Qursi and IFS duaas and Subhanalah, Alhamdulillah, and Allahu Akbar (and the kalimah (#?) after it)

After prayers:

–After Fajr: Huwal hayul Qayuum (100xs)

–After Dhur: Hual ‘aliyul ‘atheem (100xs)

–After Asr: Huwa Rahman ul Rahim (100xs)

–After Maghrib: Huwal Ghafurul Rahim (100xs)

–After Isha: Huwal Latifful Khabir (100xs)

Morning: Surah Yasin and make a duaa

For night, surah Mulk

Before sleeping:

–Surah Fatihah (4x)

–Ikhlas (3x)

–Durood (3x)

–3rdkalimah (10x)

–istaghfar (10x)

¼ juz WITH translation a day(this insha ‘Allah will increase)

Memorization (me, 30thparah) AT LEAST 15 min a day

After Fajr and Maghrib: 50xs Istaghfar and 50xs salawat (Try to make this 100 each soon)

Muraqabah: AT LEAST 10 min afterIsha (Remember, remember what Miss Ali said and check out Shaykh Husain’s lecture on Muraqabah-I was right-you can focus on different elements on Allah)(This also insha ‘Allah will increase)


(For night: surah Dukhan and Sajdah)

(Surah Qalam for knowledge)


We try to make food and deliver or some kind of community service (This is currently on hold because Sarah and I are still searching)

Donate some Sadaqah (on Jummah preferably)

If you can make it, attend Jummah

Salatul tawbah and Salatul Hajjah at least 2 rakahs each (If you need more information, email me, and I plan on posting about different kinds of prayer-and I would like to add Salatul Tasbeeh to that soon)

Tahajud (preferably an hour a week minimum)

At least fast ONCE a week on a Monday or Thursday


Twice a month try to attend the IFS halaqahs (with Sarah Baji, Aliah Baji and Amina Baji)

VICE TO WORK ON THIS MONTH:(until the end of February and insha ‘Allah never again) We try not to backbite, listen to others backbite, and to know when you can backbite, please check my blog or you can check the actual book, Agenda to Change Our Condition.

VIRTUE TO WORK ON THIS MONTH: Smile and say salaam to other Muslims you see, whether you know or don’t know them. (There is a hadith that two of the best things a person can do are to feed others and say salaam to other Muslims they know or don’t know-something to work on I thought….)

Whenever you have the time (it doesn’t have to be every single day, but when you have the opportunity and at least within a 30 day period)be reading some book pertaining to Islam other than the Quran because you are reading the Quran everyday. (Because the greatest act of Ibadaat is to seek knowledge.)

So yeah, this is our current plan and I think we’ll keep it until the end of February or March. But any thing critical to add or feel like saying something, comment about it here.




  1. faith786 said,

    OKAY! We need to work on another virtue and vice, and I need some inspiration to read the Quran more (I only read couple pages). Mally, Sarah, any ideas?

  2. malrose9389 said,

    Assalamu Alaikum
    virtue – be more kind to parents,
    vice – stop complaining (say Alhamdulillah and be content)

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